The brewers and breweries of Fife

by Forbes Gibb.


160 pages, illustrated.


ISBN 978-0-9560288-5-3

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The Brewers and Breweries of Fife is the third book in the Brewers and Breweries of Scotland series. In this book you will discover why Anstruther was thought to be the most drunken town on the Fife coast, about Cupar’s own Mitchell brothers, and learn about illicit distilling in Dunfermline.

The book is arranged in two parts. Part one provides a listing by town, with biographical information of the brewers known to have been active in the historic county of Fife. Part two provides descriptions of the major breweries and brewing companies, past and present.

Original research has generated information and illustrations about breweries across the county, from Abbotshall to Woodhaven. Brewery historians will find information on brewers, breweries and their beers from 1495 to the present day, and pictures and locations of brewery buildings. Family historians will find over 1,100 references to brewers, their business associates and relations, from Abercrombie to Younger.

What the reviewers said

"The book is a handy work of reference, rather than a narrative story. Its value for researchers is confirmed by a comprehensive index and clear identification of the sources of the information provided. It is invaluable as a starting point for those wishing to pursue wider aspects of local history, and not only for researchers investigating the history of the brewing trade."

Alan McLean, Scottish Brewery Archive Association Newsletter.

"A useful reference work for those interested in breweries and/or those who may have had relatives in the brewing industry."

David Kennedy, The Scottish Genealogist.

"A thorough survey of this rich kingdom of former (and recent) brewers and breweries."

Paul Travis, Beerinnprint.